Chiesa di San Francesco


San Francesco is the oldest Church in Vetralla, built on the remains of an earlier construction dating back to the 7th century. When Viterbo sacked Vetralla in 1187 the church, then known as S. Maria in Val Cajana, was damaged but was rebuilt in Romanesque style by 1207 when Pope Innocent III visited. By the beginning of the 15th century with the arrival of a community of Franciscan monks, the church was dedicated to San Francesco and was considerably changed. Other restorations during the 19th and 20th centuries brought it back to its original Romanesque style. The simple façade of peperino and tufo stone is enriched with insertions of recycled marbles and Roman epigraphs from the nearby Roman site of Forum Cassii. The main door is flanked by thin columns and is topped by a lunette finely decorated with bas relief of floral design.The bell tower on the right side of the church has a simple structure: a frame surrounds the bell tower opened with an order of mullioned windows. The pilasters and hanging arches of the apse are the most typical of Romanesque decorations. The sides have smooth walls and a few windows. The hanging arches of the nave have some zig zag decoration in cotto tiles inserted. The visual effect of the whole is one of strength and solidity due to the prevalence of walls over empty spaces, a typical characteristic of Romanesque art. The interior has three naves divided by columns which hold up double arched lintels. The triumphal arch separates the nave from the rest of the church. The presbytery is raised and has three apses. The columns are lightly tapered and crowned by sculpted capitals that are similar to those in Viterbo’s cathedral. The décor of the capitals is mostly vegetal with large leaves covered by fine relief work. In the central apse beneath a modern stained glass window (by Fiorella Piantini Dentini) showing San Francesco, is a precious marble tabernacle from the workshop of Andrea Bregno (15th century). To the right of the main altar is the funerary monument in white marble of Briobris, a work of the 14th century sculptor Paolo Romano. The central nave and the presbytery area conserve the remains of a splendid Cosmatesque pavement in white marble, green and red porphyry. Numerous frescoes of great importance enrich the building with works from different eras. In the central nave the fresco cycle showing episodes (from Francesco Villamena) of San Francesco’s life is considered the most important for size and number of episodes shown. The crypt, with its three apses completely carved in tufo stone, extends beneath the presbytery and is divided by columns whose capitals are decorated with vegetal motifs. These ancient columns were most likely recycled from the nearby site of Forum Cassii. The irregular plan of the crypt, not in axis with the church, shows that it was pre-existent to the church. The ceiling is vaulted and cross ribbed and has traces of pictorial decoration dating from the first half of the 12th century. In one of the vaults is a large scene showing the bust of Christ surrounded by symbols of the four Evangelists.

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Vetralla al Centro

Vetralla al Centro” is a network of local businesses in the Municipality of Vetralla working in the sectors of tourism, agri-food, commerce and service industries. The network brings together local companies located in the historic centre that have common goals and share the same ideals. “Vetralla al Centro” wishes to enhance the territory through cooperation by offering a wide and valuable range of quality services to the customer. The network wishes to offer an integrated commercial proposal for citizens and tourists alike.

Come to visit Vetralla and enjoy the centre with us!

Drone Tour

By Mauro Sciambi
Music by Lebrel
Testo a cura di Dott. Andrea Natali
Voce Narratore Carlo Ferrara

Commercial Companies

Arte Moda Capelli
Via Risciola, 2
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 461511

Estetica Chiara
Piazza G. Marconi, 2
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 461973

Estetica Dolce Vita
Via Cassia, Km. 67.300
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477246

Fabretti Ilaria Parrucchiera
Piazza della Rocca, 28
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 478773

Mara E Marinella Parrucchiera
Via Roma, 18
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 478138

Vitiello Sabrina Parrucchiera
Piazza della Rocca, 32
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477087

Altro che Pizza
Via Cassia Sutrina 4
Chiama ora - tel. 328 4991443

Bar Times
Via Roma, 13
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 461951

Big Mama's Cafè
Via Aurelia Bis, 2
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 460056

CA.RI.SA. Macelleria
Via Dante Alighieri
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 461618

Caffè Bersagliere
Via Roma n. 1
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477257

Caffè e Caffè
Via Cassia Interna, 157
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 461009 Olivicoltori di Vetralla
Viale Eugenio IV
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477044

Pescheria Da Pacetto
Via Roma, 33
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 461278

Enoteca Da Ronko
Via Roma, 49b
Chiama ora - tel. 347 6064004

Pasticceria Dolci Tentazioni
Via Cassia Sutrina, 3
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 478784

Norcineria F.lli Gessani Srl
Via Eugenio IV 125
Chiama ora - tel.  0761 461187

Forno Bacciani
Via Casal dell'Abete, 2
Chiama ora - tel.  0761 480360

In Pasta
Via Eugenio IV 85
Chiama ora - tel.  0761 477619

Bar L'ultima follia
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 34
Chiama ora - tel.   333 363 6015

Trattoria La Lanterna del Santo
Via Roma, 26
Chiama ora - tel.   0761 93540

Salumeria Santucci Edvige
Via Cassia Interna, 108
Chiama ora - tel.   0761 477036

Alimentari Spuri Ivo
Via Roma, 92
Chiama ora - tel.   0761 477801

Macelleria Vetralla Carni
Piazza Marconi, 10
Chiama ora - tel.   0761 485220

Bar Villa Cafè
Via Don benedetto Baldi Snc

Autoscuola Giorgetti
Piazza della Rocca, 12
Chiama ora - tel.   0761 477138

Artigianato Boxer Films
Via della Pietà, 17/c
Chiama ora - tel.  335 7599353

Edilizia Calamba Sas
Viale Eugenio IV
Chiama ora - tel.  348 8234064

Centro Diagnostico Diana
Strada Statale Cassia KM. 67,300
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 1707693

Sartoria Cherkashyna Oksana
Via Roma, 50
Chiama ora - tel. 327 7894046

Editore Davide Ghaleb
Via Roma, 41
Chiama ora - tel. 320 0897221

Ferramenta Bianco Daniele
Via Roma, 96
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477140

Finass Assicurazioni
Via Vincenzo Cardarelli snc
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477048

Studio Tatuaggi Marica Torrioni
Via della Pietà, 36 A
Chiama ora - tel. 331 5767221

New Print Rigenerazioni Cartucce
V.le Eugenio IV, 54
Chiama ora - tel. 0761477366

Autofficina OMAL
Viale Eugenio IV, 72
Chiama ora - tel. 0761477008

Lavanderia Profumo di Bucato
Piazza Marconi 11/C
Chiama ora - tel. 3498123403

Studio Tecnico A.D.R.
Piazza della Rocca, 12
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477744

Tappezzeria Bartoli e Mattiacci
Via Cassia
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 460053

Toeletta Funny Dog
Vicolo del Lavatore, 7
Chiama ora - tel. 345 6424529

Elettrodomestici Vetral C.A.T 16
Via Cassia Sutrina, 25
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 093425

Edicola Piergentili Marco
Strada St. Cassia,Km. 67.500
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477692

Abbigliamento Black Moon
Via Roma, 32

Abbigliamento Camardella Carmine
Via Poggio S. Nicola
Chiama ora - tel. 334 3599839

Abbigliamento Dolce Attesa
Via Casal dell'abete, 68
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 460091

Fiori, Fate e Fantasia
Poggio San Severo
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477668

Caccia e Pesca Hobby Mania
Piazza S. Severo
Chiama ora - tel. 333 4112064

Abbigliamento I Piccoli Tigrotti
Via Roma, 48
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477165

Elettrodomestici Iacomini Carlo
Via Casal dell'abete, 16
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477594

Articoli in pelle - Il laboratorio di Erica
Chiama ora - tel. 339 1405804

L'agricoltore S.a.s.
Via Della Pietà, 21/23
Chiama ora - tel. 347 6163588

Tabaccheria L'Archetto
Via Cassia Interna, 156
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477045

Merceria L'Arcobaleno
Piazza Marconi, 1
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477611

Cartoleria La Coccinella
Piazza Marconi, 3
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 485023

Florista La Perla Verde
Via Roma, 44
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 478216

Edicola La Rocca
Piazza della Rocca, 2
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 461556

Abbigliamento Le grucce di Ari
Via della pietà 34
Chiama ora - tel. 391 1428823

Ottica Micheletti
Piazza della Rocca, 29-30
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 478273

Abbigliamento Pisciacani Gabriele
Via Alfieri, 8
Chiama ora - tel. 3475485353

Edicola Rulli Alide
Via Roma 106 – 108
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 485011

Merceria Santoro Luigi
Via S. D’Acquisto, 22
Chiama ora - tel. 338 2592474

Abbigliamento Via Roma 112
Via Roma, 112
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 461948

Calzature - Pelletteria Zuppardi Lidia
Via degli Agricoltori, 76
Chiama ora - tel. 338 4668598

Software e Siti Web
Via Don Benedetto Baldi Snc
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477884

Via Cassia Interna, 201
Chiama ora - tel. 377 4077765

Telefonia Massimo Segnale
Via Roma, 78
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 477420

Ridega Informatica
Via Cassia Int. 113 A
Chiama ora - tel. 338 8198934

Albergo Da Benedetta
Via della Pietà , 76
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 460093

Regina Viaggi Sas
Piazza della Rocca, 34
Chiama ora - tel. 0761 461636

Piazza Umberto I, 1 01019
Vetralla (VT)