Before the Thermae Berzieri


Piazzale Berzieri: the first top rate stage for a cultural journey leading you to discover a very fascinating, less known origin of Salsomaggiore Terme: the salt. The excellent thermal qualities of the Salsomaggiore salsobromoiodic water, are discovered in the 19th Century, but these waters, coming from the fossil sea trapped underground from ancient ages, were extracted since the pre-Roman era to obtain salt: a very precious food for the local economy. Formerly the “salt village”, today Salsomaggiore Terme, overlooked the banks of the Citronia and Ghiara streams. Right in front of you, on the stream bank, stood the biggest Saline’s building, built in the 17th Century by the Duchy Farnese: an imposing factory where the water was processed to obtain, through an evaporation process, the precious snow-white salt for food. About in 1839, thanks to the research by doctor Lorenzo Berzieri, also the waters healing properties are discovered. In 1857 a part of the Saline was demolished to create the first Spa establishment for thermal treatments, then called the “Old Establishment”. In 1902 a part of the stream was covered to create the public space where you are now: the ancient Piazza Cavallotti, called today piazzale Berzieri. Since 1914 the architect Giulio Bernardini, with Ugo Giusti, begin the building of the present-day thermae. The architecture was completed only by the architect Giusti, with the extraordinary decorations by Galileo Chini. The inauguration of the Thermae Berzieri, at the time called “the most beautiful thermal baths in the world”, took place on 21 May 1923. Subsequently, Ugo Giusti began the most austere Royal Chemical Institute building, demolishing the ancient farnesian Saline at all.


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Stirone Museum Pole

Waiting for the new Stirone Museum Complex

The Museum in the Stirone Valley - with ample parking, spaces for teaching and welcoming the public - is close to the Wild Animal Recovery Center of wild animals "Le Civette", houses the offices and library of the Stirone Park in the circuit of the Parks of the Duchy.

The Museum is part of a collaboration between the Municipality of Salsomaggiore, University of Parma, Parks of the Duchy and Castles of the Duchy in the context of enhancing a tourist itinerary of the Landscapes of Salt and the Castles of the Duchy, to connect culture, nature, history, food and wine and landscape.

The new Stirone Museum Complex is currently under construction and exhibits: we will let you know when it opens. Stay tuned!

8 preview reasons to visit it from the summer:

1. You will make a journey to the center of the earth and back, from the sea to the Apennines: infographics and interactive multimedia stations will guide you on a journey through science and fun.

2. You will find evidence of fossil wonders of the ancient Padan Sea, guardians of the millennial events of our land.

3. You will experience the shark attack experience in an immersive multimedia environment, in addition to the story of the discovery of the Giorgia whale in 1987

4. Do you know what a diorama is?
It reproduces natural environments and here you can see it!

5. How does a paleontologist work?
Raffaele Quarantelli's findings will convey his passion and knowledge to you.

6. Temporary new installations.

7. From the Museum to the Park: you can combine the interactive visit with an exploratory walk in the Stirone Park.

8. A few meters away you can already visit the Romanesque church of San Nicomede of 880 AD


Enter the widespread kitchen

Spaces that are alive and innovative for a culture of food, tourism and wellness.
Here you will find the experience of the Magnaghi hospitality and technical tourist institute where young chefs, supported by renowned chefs, create unique proposals in laboratories and kitchens that you can also taste: we tell you the path of the Tommasini Civic Court, the center of tourism training and of the wellness, where the school opens the doors to the territory, to the guests, to the tourists in events, demonstrative dinners, special initiatives in partnership with the protagonists of the city and the Emilia-Romagna region.

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