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Ciusa Museum


It is dedicated to Francesco Ciusa (1883-1949), a great artist born in Nuoro, rightly considered the initiator of modern sculpture on the island. In 1907 the artist, albeit very young, obtained the prestigious recognition of critics at the Venice Biennale with his work The Mother of the Murdered. His sculptures are largely inspired by the shepherds’ world and the culture of the Nuoro area, a universe from which the artist draws his first and authentic creative strength. He also turns his interest to ceramics and marble plaster sculptures. The latest of his famous works is The Slinger. The exhibition premises are the former headquarters of Court of Nuoro, a vast architectural complex that was recently renovated: it is divided into six rooms and offers numerous works by the artist on display, including plaster casts, terracotta and marble paste works, all accompanied by drawings and archival documents. Furthermore, there is a valuable reconstruction, integrated with original marble fragments, of the monument erected in 1931 in Nuoro in honour of Sebastiano Satta, which was later destroyed. The spaciousness of the rooms, the skilful use of light and the screening of period films, allow the visitor to enter the world of Ciusa in an engaging way, along a path that is not marked by time stages, but nourished by emotions.


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