La più Economica Segnaletica Turistica Interattiva con Qr Code. Ogni Comune ha bisogno di una segnaletica che possa dare informazioni ai turisti 24 ore su 24, illustrare tutto il patrimonio culturale in più lingue, migliorare la fruibilità dei monumenti, integrarsi perfettamente con la città e rendere più facile l’accessibilità per il turista e il cittadino.


Città di Grazia Deledda

Benebènnios a Nùgoro! Welcome to Nuoro! Let me present to you Nuoro, my city, a wonderful place of my childhood, where the wisdom, joy and kindness of its inhabitants invites the visitor to discover the secrets of a unique, marvellous and amazing land. While visiting my city, you will have the opportunity to discover truths and insights that no book may possibly reveal to you. Through your journey you will discover magnificent mysteries of nature and the human heart. “We are the uninterrupted kingdom of mastic, of waves flowing like streams upon ancient granite stones, of dog roses, of wind and of the immensity of the sea. We are an ancient land of long silences, wide and pure horizons, dark plants and mountains burned by the sun…” This is my city and I wish you could love it too! With its imposing appearance and curious shapes, Mount Ortobene rises above Nuoro, surmounted by the statue of the Redeemer, which protects and illuminates like a lighthouse all its children and the guests staying in the surrounding area. Love my city, with its historic squares and its ancient neighbourhoods of Santu Predu and Sèuna e la Bia Majore. Follow me: let’s go visit together its churches, where the comforting face of the Saints, together with the maternal and benevolent face of Our Lady of Graces and of the Holy Virgin Mary will fill our hearts with faith and splendour. Admire its open museums and archaeological sites, places where the visitor is bewitched by beauty, magic and devotion. Dear friends, I wish you a good visit and a happy stay in the city… I know you will come back and I will always be here waiting for you.