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Palazzo Comunale


The building, in which the magistrates of the city resided, was built in the second half of the thirteenth century and a century later incorporated the nearby tower of the Da Biserno family, a noble lineage from the Maremma. On the front stands the coat of arms of the Medici, who in 1555 incorporated this territory in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, and on the left a bas-relief of Urbano da Cortona of the fifteenth century.

On the inside, two memorial stones commemorate Giuseppe Garibaldi, an honorary citizen of the city. Currently the lobby of the Town Hall houses Icarus, a sculpture donated by Maestro Igor Mitoraj. The Mayor’s office is located in the Cappella dei Priori, frescoed in 1525.


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Itinerary of the walls

The walls of Massa Marittima, built between the 13th and 14th centuries, today have a characteristic butterfly-wing shape which identifies the lower part of the city (which includes the Borgo and Cittavecchia districts) and the upper part (Cittanuova district). ). The rather irregular route largely follows the morphological conformation of the territory. The current layout of the walls is the result of heavy Sienese interventions which, in the mid-fourteenth century, reduced the urban perimeter, leaving the convent of San Francesco outside.

The works of the Sienese fortifications included the construction of a fortress that enclosed the ancient bishop's castle of Monteregio and connected, through a daring architectural construction, the Sienese arch, to the tower of the Candlestick. (XII century).

In the lower part there are the Porta delle Formiche (later called dell'Abbondanza or del Teatro), the Porta dell’Arialla, the Porta di San Bernardino, reopened in 1943 and the Porta alla Spina (currently walled up). Going up towards the New Town there are the Porta Eleonora (called Nuova, del Soccorso or della Rocca) reopened in 1784, the door to the Silici and the Porta San Francesco. In 1857 the Porta S. Pietro, also known as al Poggio, was demolished, surmounted by a large tower and equipped with a bridge, to facilitate the viability of the New City. In fact, the current Piazza XXIV Maggio was created here.

Since 2005 the Municipality of Massa Marittima, with the support of the Tuscany region and the support of the University of Florence, has implemented a program for the recovery of the civic walls. The walls constitute a fundamental solution of continuity between the historic town and the road access system to the city. The spaces adjacent to the city walls are often built up, but most of them are used as vegetable gardens or public green areas, if not uncultivated. Therefore, the opportunity was taken to create spaces that allow the enhancement of the walls, their structural recovery, their insertion into the landscape and the organization of the access system to the historic center.

The Municipality of Massa Marittima in planning choices, has favored the arrangement of the areas adjacent to the walls for services for the community such as parking lots and public parks. In 2016, an abandoned green space was recovered by creating the green work "sol omnibus lucet" dedicated to Norma Parenti, gold medal for military valor.

The walls, almost intact, are a fundamental sign in the landscape around Massa Marittima and offer spectacular views over the territory of the metalliferous hills, and the Tuscan archipelago.


Museo Archeologico
piazza Garibaldi
info: 0566/902289;
april - october: 10-13; 16-19
november-march: 10-13; 15-17
closing day : monday

Complesso Museale di San Pietro all'Orto
corso Diaz 36
info: 0566/902289;
april - october: 10-13; 16-19
november-march: 10-13; 15-17
closing day : monday

Museo della Miniera
via Corridoni
info: 0566/902289;
solo visite guidate con partenza ai seguenti orari:
april - october: 10; 11; 12; 13; 15; 16; 17; 18
november-march: 10; 10,30; 11; 11,30; 12; 15; 15,30; 16; 16,30
closing day : monday

Museo di Arte e Storia delle Miniere
piazza Matteotti
info: 0566/902289;
october-march: open for groups by reservation
april - september: 15,30-18 only on saturdays, sundays and holidays

Torre del Candeliere
piazza Matteotti
info: 0566/902289;
april -october: 10-13; 16-19
november-march: 11-13; 14,30-16,30
closing day: monday

Antica Falegnameria
vicolo Porte
info: 0566/902289;
jule-september: 10-19
october-may: open for groups by reservation

Aquarium Mondo Marino ed Explora Dinosauri
via della Cava - Valpiana
info: 0566.919529;
from 13 october to 31 may: 10:00-12.30 e 15:00-18:00
closed on mondays (except on holidays)
from 1st june to 12th october: every day 10:00-19:00

Museo degli Organi Santa Cecilia
corso Diaz, 28
info: 0566.940282; 347.0854024;
march-may 10.00-13.00, 15.00-18.00
june-september 10.00-13.00; 16.00-19.00
october-15 january 10.30-12.30; 15.00-18.00
The museum is closed from january 16 to february 28: in this period it opens to groups by reservation

Where to Eat

Ristorante Osteria DA TRONCA
Vicolo Porte n.56, Massa Marittima
Tel.+390566901991 Cell.+393398311562/+393387437073

Ristorante Pizzeria LE MURA
Via Norma Parenti n.7, Massa Marittima

Pizzeria IL CORSO
Via della libertà n.38\40, Massa Marittima

Bar Ristorante Pizzeria LOCANDA LA TORRE
Piazza Matteotti n.6, Massa Marittima
Tel.+390566901457 Cell.+393335754309

Via Norma Parenti n.19, Massa Marittima
Tel.+390566901957 Cell.+393441816179

Where to Sleep

Albergo Camere CASA AURORA
Via della Libertà n.37, Massa Marittima

Albergo Residenza d'epoca PALAZZO MALFATTI
Via Moncini n.10, Massa Marittima
Tel.+390566904181 Cell.+393343941388/+393397607714

Agriturismo TESORINO
Tel.+39056655606/+390566871012 Cell.+393334758692

Loc. Fontino n.1, Massa Marittima

Via Podere San Lino n.16, Massa Marittima
Tel. +390566919101 Cell.+393332221133/+393311987654

Località Cicalino n.3, Massa Marittima

Pod.Poggio Corbello n.2, Massa Marittima

Pod. Poggio Corbello n.2, Massa Marittima
Tel.+390566919029 Cell.+393383009928/+393389764584

Agriturismo PODERE RIPARBELLA, Agriturismo ecologico certificato
Loc. Sopra Pian di Mucini, Massa Marittima


Clicca qui per il sito turistico ufficiale

Balestro del Girifalco: crossbow shooting competition based on the historical re-enactment of a 23rd century custom in which 24 crossbowmen, 8 for each of the Terzieri in which the city is divided, compete by aiming at a dogwood placed 36 meters away. Accompanying the crossbowmen are the figures in medieval dress, flag-wavers and musicians. The event takes place twice a year: on the fourth Sunday in May starting at 17 and on 14 August at 21.30.

Balestruzzo: crossbow competition for children, which takes place at Cassero Senese at 9 pm, on the Friday before the Balestro in May and the one after the Balestro in August.

I canti del maggio: on the night of April 30, the Maggerini perform their stornelli from farm to farm. To give life to "Le Maggiolate" are teams made up of a poet, an alberaio, a corbellaio, an accordion player and at least four Maggerini.

Concerto dell’Orchestra Regionale Toscana: the concert of the prestigious orchestra is organized every year in the last ten days of June at the church of Sant’Agostino. Free admission

La Notte Bianca: in the first fortnight of July the White Night is organized which involves the entire historic center of the city, with music, shows and shops and museums open until late at night.

Toscana Foto Festival: twenty-year event dedicated to the art of photography, which sees Franco Fontana as artistic director and internationally renowned photographers as protagonists of exhibitions and workshops. The exhibition takes place from mid-July to mid-August and includes, in addition to the author's exhibitions in the city's exhibition venues, workshops for aspiring professional photographers with great masters of the click; finally, prize competitions based on the portfolios presented and projections.

La Torre e la Luna: organized every year in the last week of July is the feast of the Terziere di Cittanuova, which takes place in the square of the Torre del Candeliere, adjacent to the Cassero Senese, where craft markets, refreshment stands and live music are set up.

Lirica in Piazza: the thirty-year opera festival takes place from 3 to 5 August in Piazza Garibaldi. Three masterpieces by the author are staged, interpreted in the evocative scenery of the square and recited in the churchyard of the thirteenth-century cathedral of San Cerbone.

Calici si Stelle: every year on August 10 on the night of San Lorenzo, tasting stands of the best wines and local food and wine products are arranged. During the night also music with traveling bands and musical groups both in the lower and upper part of the historic city center.

Festa di San Rocco: hobby and handicraft exhibition market organized by the Borgo district in via Verdi, in the second half of August music and games for adults and children.

Fiera di Ghirlanda: every year on September 1st in the square of the old railway in Ghirlanda. Deriving from an old custom of selling livestock, today it sees an exhibition of animals, from horses to donkeys, to cattle, zootechnical tools and markets of all kinds, from food and wine stands to those of clothing and various objects. During the day there are also performances of Maremma cowboys and games for children with ponies and donkeys.

Festa di San Cerbone: October 10 patron of the city from 17 from Piazza Cavour to the Cathedral appearing in medieval dress. The celebrations then move inside the cathedral, where a mass dedicated to the saint is officiated, reciting a tribute from the Dignitaries to the Ark of San Cerbone. Finally, at 5.30 pm, the liturgical ceremony of the Candle and Census begins.

Concerto del Coro di Santa Barbara: the night of December 24 in the Cathedral of San Cerbone.

Capodanno in Piazza: December 31st for the night that inaugurates the new year with live music and refreshment stands in the Piazza del Duomo.

Martedì e giovedì grasso di Carnevale: organized both in the lower and upper historic center, with parades of masks, music and entertainment games for children.