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Town hall


The construction of the town hall probably dates back to the time of the Gonzaga family, as well as the bell of the Belfry located on the turret, which is the only one left of the many bells cast at the behest of Vespasiano Gonzaga that did not underwent recasting due to war needs. The bell is made of bronze; it measures 70 cm in height and has a diameter at the mouth of 62 cm. The year the casting took place (1583) is the same year that saw the completion of the Big Tower (Torrazzo) together with the bridge over the river. The coincidence of the dates could suggest that the casting took place to celebrate the completion of the Tower and that the bell was originally placed right on top of it. Starting from the top we find a band characterised by a floral frieze. Immediately below, running along the entire circumference, there is an inscription in capital letters indicating the author’s name: “Francesco Faletti”. Under this inscription we find three images: the first depicts Vespasiano’s ducal coat of arms, the second represents Christ holding in his left hand the stick with a bronze snake coiled around it, and the third portrays a Madonna with the child in her arms. At the centre of the building, located in the small tower, we find an ancient clock from the 17th century, currently in perfect working order thanks to the intervention of the master watchmaker and restorer Alberto Gorla, which took place in 1985.


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