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The Medieval village

Casale Marittimo, a Medieval village of Etruscan origin, is located in the area of the Colline Pisane (“Pisan Hills”), to the south of the Cecina river. The town and its territory embody what is known as the “Tuscan lifestyle” brand, which makes Tuscany one of the best appreciated and most visited regions in the world because of its landscapes, natural and cultural attractions, and gastronomic specialties. The many viewpoints reveal to the eye of the observer wheat fields, vineyards, olive groves, and the sea of the Costa degli Etruschi (“Etruscan coast”), which – along with its beaches and pine forests – is only about 10 km away. From Casale’s medieval streets, one can admire both the typical rural landscape of Tuscany, and the islands of Elba, Capraia, and Gorgona. One can enjoy a cocktail of emotions and feelings when walking or cycling on these ancient nature trails, which were once trodden by our Etruscan, Roman, and Medieval ancestors. Since 2003, Casale Marittimo has been regularly awarded the prestigious Bandiera Arancione (“orange flag”): this is an award given by the Italian Touring Club to small inland towns which especially distinguish themselves for their excellency in the hospitality sector.

Brief historical notes

On the right stands out a hill offshoot, extending to the sea, and its last ridge is the modern Casale”. Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti, a traveler and learned man, at mid ‘700, was evidently affirming the tradition according to which two castles had existed: Casalvecchio, whose name has remained to indicate a hill on the South-East of the current village, and Casalnuovo, the present-day Casale Marittimo.

This area, rich in mineral waters, wild animals, salt, combined with a mild weather has in fact favored the human settlement even in remote times.

Just on the hill of Casalvecchio, archeological excavations have found the remains of an Etruscan village dating back to the VII century B.C., and the buildings of a second settlement of the IV century B.C. The most extraordinary discovery has however been the necropolis of Casa Nocera, a set of graves, that had belonged
to Etruscan warriors who dominated the place.

Of the IV century B.C. is the tholos of Poggiarelle, a fantastic example of Etruscan funerary architecture, discovered in 1896.
The Roman era has left a trace in the villa of Pieve; many of the materials found from its excavations have been reused in various buildings of the place, for example the lion paws that are now part of the throne in St. Andrew Church.

In 1551, Casale had 245 inhabitants and we know that a century later it had to strengthen its defenses to fight pirate raids. From the health point of view, the situation was quite critical as well, in fact in 1709 “it was proposed that it would be necessary to have a doctor at disposal, because of the insalubrious air, and the high number of people who often miserably die because of it”. Nevertheless, it seems that the situation rapidly improved: in 1742 Targioni Tozzetti described Casale as “the biggest and healthiest castle of all the marquisate.

The reason of the healthiness is not ascribed just to the presence of a close fountain of clean water, but also to the fact that the place is situated on a high hill, very well windy”. In 1854, with a progressive reclamation of the coast swamp, the number of inhabitants had increased to 1070. Until 1862, called Casale nelle Maremme, from 1862 to 1899, the place took the name of Casale di Val di Cecina and only in 1900 it was named Casale Marittimo.

In 1936 the number of inhabitants reached the maximum limit of 1583, but in the ’50s people began to emigrate to the plains that were experiencing a rapid industrial development. In 1971 the number of inhabitants had decreased to 837 units, and, since then, the risk of abandonment has been overcome both with the “return” of many people and with the arrival of foreign tourists: just as it has happened in the nearby farms that have resumed the traditional cultivation of cereals, oil and wine aimed above all to attract tourism, presently the outstanding source of income for a quiet place, situated on a hill at 214 meters above the sea dominating a wide view of the Tyrrhenian coast. Sea, shores, pine forests are only 12 km away and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago are clearly visible.

Where to Sleep and Eat

Apartments in Casale Marittimo

Via del Castello, 43 – 56040 Casale Marittimo

Located in the center of the village of Casale Marittimo, orange flag of the Touring Club, Borgo alle Mura awaits you to make you spend a quiet, relaxing, romantic holiday.

Cell: +39 389 5650599
Web Site: click here

Via Roma, 10/12 – Casale Marittimo

The B&B is located in the historic center of Casale Marittimo (214 s.l.m.), a characteristic medieval village of the Pisan Maremma. The sea, the pine forests and the beaches are only 10 km away and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago are clearly visible from the windows of the house: Elba, Capraia and Gorgona. The building, which was the residence of the noble Cerboneschi family, has returned to its former glory thanks to a careful restoration: here time seems to have stopped, with original furnishings, frescoes, terracotta floors and wooden floors.

Cell: 347 8298649
Web Site: click here

INTìO Resort
Resort – Vacation Rentals

Via Cecinese, 70 – Casale Marittimo

Cell: 320 3809677
Web Site: click here

Holiday Homes – Agritourism

Via della Camminata 2A – Casale Marittimo – Guardistallo

Independent farmhouses with private swimming pool located in the hilly countryside near the villages of Casale Marittimo and Guardistallo.
Each cottage has a minimum of 4 bedrooms, sleeping 8.
Each stay is tailored to the customer and his needs.

Tel: +39 0586652329
Web Site: click here

Via Nardini, 14 – 56040 Casale Marittimo

Farmhouse with swimming pool. Rooms and apartments available. Tuscan and vegetarian / vegan restaurant. Animal Farm – Activities for young and old with animals. Walks, guided tours, daily management. Coming soon educational farm

Cell: 334 3840188
Web Site: click here

Via Cecinese, 61 bis – Casale Marittimo

“In my house”, it is an intimate and familiar place, where you can eat traditional dishes in the backyard. The cuisine is traditional and the products used are those of the territory, at km 0.
Few tables, for a relaxing evening where you can drink excellent wine and savor fresh and appetizing dishes.

Cell: 331 2653676

Loc. il Poggio, 1 – Casale Marittimo

The farmhouse is located 1 km and a half from the small village of Casale Marittimo, it is composed of the main building and other single-family stone houses with a large swimming pool, including olive trees, Mediterranean woods and typical crops.

Cell: + 39 348 7668785
Site Web: click here

Via Cecinese, 51 – Casale Marittimo

Located about 8 km. from the sea, with a panoramic view of the Etruscan coast and the sea. The surrounding countryside is planted with olive and fruit trees. The oil produced by the company is suitable for becoming IGP and can be purchased locally. The accommodations available for guests include, in addition to the independent apartment “Gelsomino” (2 adults plus 2 children), a beautiful “Aurora” villa that can accommodate up to 7 people.

Tel: 0586 639022

Via Pereta, 31-33 – Casale Marittimo

Set in the splendid Tuscan countryside, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and Mediterranean scrub in a quiet hillside position, with a splendid view of the nearby sea of ​​the Etruscan Coast.

Cell: 3497783994 o 3397729191
Web Site: click here

Via Cecinese, 87 56040 Casale Marittimo

Equipped with 2 swimming pools with slides, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, sports fields, entertainment for an unforgettable holiday. Equipped with 2 swimming pools with slides, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, sports fields, entertainment for an unforgettable holiday.

Tel: 0586 681236
Web Site: click here

Via Cecinese 17, Casale Marittimo PI

Large farmhouse of 400 square meters divided into 4 apartments, 6 bedrooms 4 bathrooms, with the possibility of being rented as a single structure with 15 effective beds or according to individual needs.

Cell: 3282784499
Web Site: click here

Via di Mezzo, 5 – Casale Marittimo

Typical Tuscan cuisine with specialty snails, tripe, wild boar etc …

Tel: 0586 652133

Piazza del Popolo, 16 – Casale Marittimo

Wine shop with cuisine, cold cuts, cheeses and dishes made with raw materials from the short supply chain, aperitifs, natural wines by the glass, coffee shop.

Tel: 0586 1884866
Web Site: click here

MADAMA Caféshop
Via Don Pietro Nardini, 1 – Casale Marittimo

FlowerBistrot & Boutique for super refined breakfasts and glam aperitifs and the sale of clothes by precious Tuscan tailors and handmade accessories.

Cell: 3478248346

Via Roma, 61 – Casale Marittimo

Large and welcoming rooms equipped with numerous sliding windows overlook the enchanting view of the gentle hills that slope down towards the sea of ​​the Etruscan Coast. The specialties of our kitchen are preparations based on game and typical products of the area.

Cell: 3493635589
Web Site: click here

Piazza del Popolo, 4 – Casale Marittimo

Typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine and fish specialties. Sea view terrace

Cell: 346 1060670

Pizzeria – Creperie

Via della Madonna, 3 – Casale Marittimo

Use of organic products, ancient grains, a long leavening for greater taste and digestibility. Tuscan cheeses and cured meats. Sweet and savory crepes. Takeaway pizza and dishes.

Cell: 340 7812089

Pizzeria, Restaurant

Via San Sebastiano, 6 – Casale Marittimo

Outdoor seating, wood oven, Tuscan cuisine

Tel: 0586 652047
Facebook: click here

Via Cecinese, 83 – Casale Marittimo

Restaurant with both meat and fish cuisine in an old Tuscan farmhouse, with a splendid terrace overlooking the sea.

Tel: 0586 683697

Piazza del Popolo, 19 – Casale Marittimo

Wine & Cockail Art Bar, specialized in aperitifs with finger food.

Cell: 371 4291638

Via Cecinese km 10/640

Bar, food, snacks and typical local products.

Cell: 393 5259244

Piazza del Popolo, 22 – Casale Marittimo

Historic club bar in the village, housed in a sacristy in the ancient and suggestive Church of San Sebastiano, offers tourists and inhabitants excellent coffee, breakfasts, aperitifs, sandwiches and ice cream.

Cell: 3337203299

Typical products

Azienda Agricola Borghesi Erika
Via Cecinese, 58 – Casale Marittimo (PI) Italia

Production of TUSCAN IGP extra virgin olive oil, expression of genuineness, typicality and traceability of the supply chain.
Types: multivarietal, the “Macchia Palmane”, characterized by the typical bitter and spicy scent, and monovarietal, the “Lazzero”, an ancient endemic variety of our territory, characterized by a medium fruity aroma and in perfect balance with the incisive herbaceous notes.
In both versions, an elegant and intense oil, representative of the most authentic Tuscan olive tradition.

Cell: +39 334 1712530

Azienda Agricola di Giani Danilo
Via del poggio, 20 loc. Fontepicchi – Casale Marittimo

Family-run, it has been handed down from generation to generation. The “sea view” land is located in one of the most beautiful places in the Casalese countryside where superior category IGP extra virgin olive oil and cereals supplied to local mills are grown with the passion of the past, where they are transformed into fine flour and pasta.

Cell: 348 6044159 e 346 0866336

Podere il Montaleo
Az. Agr. Cesare Diddi Mussi – Via del Montaleo 26/b – Casale

Podere Il Montaleo is synonymous with excellence in the production of extra virgin olive oil.

Cell: 339 8226791
Web Site: click here

Azienda Agricola Le Coste
Via del Poggio, 16 – 56040 Casale Marittimo

Lying on a hill overlooking the sea, it has been producing Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil for over twenty years, respecting nature and the environment.

Cell: 337 274146

Azienda Agricola Caterina
Via Cecinese, Km 13/700 – Casale Marittimo

It is a family business, which produces oil, wine, honey and jams… as well as fruit and vegetables. In the summer at the store on via Cecinese, you can find all the glass products and those grown to be able to buy them at km 0, sure to find genuine and seasonal products.

Cell: 339 6814323

Azienda Agricola La Mercareccia
Via Pereta, 25 – Casale Marittimo

On a hill along the road to Volterra, the Podere overlooks the sea, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, with a wonderful view of Casale. It produces wines and oil with an unmistakable, simple but unforgettable flavor. Visits with tasting by appointment, children and animals welcome.

Cell: +39 335 303583
Web Site: click here

Società Agricola Pagani de Marchi
Via della Camminata, 2 – Casale

Direct sales, visits to the cellar and tastings

Cell: +39 338 8903698 o +39 338.2044059
Web Site: click here

Azienda Agricola Toscani
Via Pereta 9, 56040 Casale Marittimo

Located 350m above sea level on the hills of Casale Marittimo, a small village on the Tuscan coast a few kilometers from Bolgheri. Founded in 1970 by Oliviero Toscani, it has developed over the years to accommodate one of the most evocative vineyards in the area from which we produce wines from organic farming.
In addition to wine, we produce oil from our 4,000 centuries-old olive trees, we breed Cinta Senese pigs in the wild and Quarter Horse horses

Cell: 3483040076 o 3343603735
Web Site: click here

Agricola Sada Fattoria “Carpoli”
Str. Prov. dei 3 Comuni 56040 Casale

Davide Sada’s wine project was born in 2000 in Casale Marittimo, in an area where the panorama offered to the eye, from the top of the hills at an altitude of 300 meters, dominates the sea.
Following an accurate geological survey, the areas suitable for the production of high quality grapes are identified in the area between Casale Marittimo, Bibbona and Bolgheri.

Cell: +39 3461508195
Click here: click here

Azienda agricola le Preselle
di Emiliano Morelli

The company produces in full respect monoflora and millefiori honeys exclusively in Casale and in the Cecina Valley, offering excellent natural honey.

Cell: 3498350067

Azienda agricola Il Poggio
Loc. il Poggio, 1 – Casale Marittimo

The owners have always led a life in harmony with the environment, the fields to be worked and the farmyard animals The company produces E.V.D.

Cell: +39 3487668785
Web Site: click here

Azienda agricola Fattoria della Gioiosa
Via Nardini, 14 – 56040 Casale Marittimo

Own production of extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, fruit, jams, homemade products.

Cell: +39 3343840188
Web Site: click here

Podere Fornelli S.S.A.
Via delle Venelle, 8 – Casale Marittimo

Small family business. We have been producing extra virgin olive oil since 1954. Our olive groves dominate the coast and enjoy an excellent microclimate. We offer a niche product where quality stands out and not quantity.

Cell: +39 3281830618
Web Site: click here

Antica Macelleria di Diego Ghelli & C.
Piazza del Popolo, 5 – Casale Marittimo

Top quality meats, homemade cured meats and Tuscan products. By reservation: Rotisserie and Grilled at home.

Cell: +39 3289196201

Panificio Gianfaldoni
Via di Mezzo, 2 – Casale Marittimo

Homemade and sourdough bread, pizzas, focaccia, cantuccini and typical sweets.

Tel: 0586 652295

Sapori di Casale
Via Roma, 5 – Casale Marittimo

Minimarket specializing in typical Tuscan artisan products, fruit and vegetables at km0.

Cell: 3297580445